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How it Works

Simply put, there is a three part approach to solving the crime problem. 88-CRIME Crime Stoppers relies on cooperation between the police, the media, and the general community to provide a flow of information about crime and criminals.

The Phone Call

The Pima County Attorney’s 88-CRIME Program collects crime information from anonymous tipsters, makes initial inquires, and then passes the information to law enforcement. Tipsters are never asked for their names or any other identifying information. They are given a confidential 88-CRIME number. The tipster is asked to contact 88-CRIME with more information on their case or to check on the case status. This is the only way 88-CRIME has to communicate with an anonymous caller. The tip line does not have caller ID and conversations are never recorded or traced. All tips are anonymous. 88-CRIME program accepts tips that are featured on news broadcasts, newspapers or information on any other felony crime(s) the caller has knowledge of. By ensuring anonymity and offering cash rewards for information leading to indictment or arrests, 88-CRIME encourages otherwise reluctant tipsters to provide information.

The Online Web Tip

Tipsters also have the option of submitting a tip online with a secure and encrypted interface. The process is anonymous and is an effective and efficient way of communicating with the 88-CRIME Program.

The unique integrated two-way dialog capabilities allow the tipster to come back and provide additional information to their tip at any time, but also provides a secure means for the 88-CRIME Program to ask questions or provide reward information back to the tipster through the same secure and encrypted interface.

Structure and Funding of 88-CRIME Crime Stoppers

88-CRIME, Inc., as a non-profit corporation, is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors represent all segments of the community. They determine the polices and procedures for 88-CRIME, Inc. and enhance the community involvement which is vital to the Program's success.

88-CRIME, Inc is funded by donations and fund raising. Tax dollars are not used for rewards.

Rewards, determined by the Board of Directors of 88-CRIME, Inc., are offered for tips called into 88-CRIME that leads to the arrest and indictment of persons who have committed felonies or other covered offenses.


Does 88-CRIME Crime Stoppers Work?

The answer is YES. From July 1980 through April 30, 2015 88-CRIME tips have led to over 5,500 felony arrests, over 6,000 cases cleared, over $88 million worth of narcotics seized and over $18 million worth of recovered property and cash seizures.

Tips have included information about murder, robbery, rape, assaults, drug, and firearm offenses.

Additional benefits of the 88-CRIME Crime Stoppers Program include:

  • Increased awareness in the community.
  • Greater opportunity for the community to fight back against crime with anonymous tips that could lead to cash rewards.
  • Improved relationships between police, media, and the community.

88-CRIME encourages the community to report crime and makes Pima County and Southern Arizona a safer place to live and work.

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