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Safe School Program – 88-CrimE

Project: Safe schools is an initiative of 88-CRIME to partner with schools to develop and implement an ANONYMOUS tip program to help students:

  • Empower themselves to create a safe and secure environment in and around their schools;
  • Do The Right Thing;
  • Learn the importance of social responsibility; and
  • Create a safe and secure school environment while engaging in activities on campus and at home.

The Pima County Attorney’s Office, Safe School Volunteer Program, is looking for retired or current educators or others interested in presenting and speaking to groups of students and teachers.  The PCAO Safe School Volunteer Program will provide training.  Call 520-724-5617 for information.

Pima County Attorney’s Office 88-CRIME Safe School Program

Encourage your students to do the right thing and report crime.

88CRIME Safe School Program: An interactive presentation to encourage children (K-12) to create a safe school & home environment by reporting crime.

Students today are faced with a lot of dangers such as dating violence, internet predators, bullying, drugs, weapons, underage drinking and more. We strive to empower students to report these behaviors to make their home and school safe from all kinds of threats. 

Safe School Program K-12
For elementary students, presentations are interactive power points and video based, which cover topics related to personal safety and encourage children to report criminal behavior to a trusted adult.

For middle and high school students, the purpose of the program is to educate students on crime prevention, how to identify what is reportable, and how to safely and anonymously report criminal activity to 88CRIME. Within the presentation, the film “Trouble at Hand” is shown to help students understand the importance of sharing information and how 88CRIME works.

To have 88CRIME visit your school for a free safety program, contact 88CRIME Program Director Babette McDonald

520-724-5617 or babette.mcdonald@pcao.pima.gov

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