How Can I Give A Tip?

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    Contact 88-CRIME

    Call 88-CRIME at (520) 882-7463 or visit, or download the P3TIPS mobile app*.
    *some data charges may apply.

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    Your Identity Is Protected

    Your identity will be protected. 88-CRIME will not ask for your name, phone number, or any identifying information. Telephone calls are not recorded or traced. Online and mobile tips are encrypted to keep you anonymous.

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    Tip Code Provided

    You will be given a confidential tip code number. Your confidential tip code number should be kept private and not shared with anyone. You will need the tip code number to add information, check on the status of your tip, and to collect your cash reward.

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    Call 24 Hours A Day To Update Your Tip

    If you have additional tip information contact 88-CRIME again, provide your confidential tip number and update your tip 24 hours a day.

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Check The Status of Your Tip

Call 88-CRIME via phone at (520)-882-7463

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm

Have your confidential tip code number available.

Se habla español.

How Does It Work?

88-CRIME is guided by the best practices of Crime Stoppers USA.

The Pima County Attorney’s Office 88-CRIME tip line takes anonymous tips on serious criminal activity. Your identity is kept  anonymous and the  crime information is provided to a law enforcement agency for investigation. Provide as much detailed information as possible about the crime and the suspect(s) involved including the suspect’s name, age or date of birth, and address. Videos and images can be attached to mobile and web tips.

IMPORTANT: On rare occasion prosecutors may be legally required to disclose this form to the defendant.  If you wish to protect your anonymity you should avoid giving information that is likely to identify you.

If the investigating law enforcement agency notifies 88-CRIME that your tip solved a serious crime or led to a felon’s arrest, then you may be eligible for a reward amount ranging from $50  up to $2,500.

88-CRIME rewards are paid by 88-CRIME, Inc., an affiliated non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, that is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are volunteers. They determine the policies and procedures for 88-CRIME, Inc. and make the reward decisions. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration when determining a reward amount are the quality, accuracy and completeness of the information; the seriousness of the crime; the number of crimes solved as a result of the information; the monetary value of the crimes committed; and the dangerousness of the suspect to society.  The Board of Directors has the final authority to determine the reward amount.

The reward will generally be paid to the first person furnishing sufficient information to the 88-CRIME tip line that leads to the felony arrest or indictment.

88-CRIME, Inc. rewards are valid for 90 days. You are encouraged to stay in contact with the 88-CRIME Program to check the status of your tip and a possible reward determination. If you do not to contact the 88-CRIME Program (520-882-7463) within 90 days from the date the reward was approved by the 88-CRIME Board of Directors, the funds will be classified as unclaimed and the reward payout expires.

A commissioned law enforcement officer and members of his or her immediate family, 88-CRIME Directors and members of their immediate families, the victim of the felony crime and the felon suspect are not eligible for an 88-CRIME reward.

88-CRIME, Inc. is funded by donations and funds raised  by the Board of Directors. Tax dollars are not used for rewards.

Supplemental reward amounts (private donations paid by a third-party to make the reward larger than the maximum 88-CRIME, Inc amount) is calculated using the same criteria set by the Board of Directors.  Supplemental rewards are subject to change based on an annual agreement.

Only 88-CRIME tips are eligible or considered for an 88-CRIME, Inc. reward.  Information given directly to 9-1-1 or a law enforcement agency is not eligible for an 88-CRIME, Inc. reward.

Call 9-1-1 in an emergency. 88-CRIME does not dispatch emergency service responders, does not monitor the tips 24 hours a day, and does not investigate crimes, or take reports from victims.

Users who post a tip on any social media page or contact the media will not be considered an 88-CRIME tipster and 88-CRIME cannot guarantee anonymity.

Users who communicate their own criminal threats or use 88-CRIME to commit a crime are not considered to be 88-CRIME tipsters, may be prosecuted for their crime, and are exempted from the promise of anonymity.

Funding of                         88-CRIME

88-CRIME, Inc., as a non-profit corporation, is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are volunteers. They determine the policies and procedures for 88-CRIME, Inc, make the award decisions, participate in and support school education and public awareness programs to prevent crime and to encourage crime reporting.

88-CRIME, Inc is funded by donations and fund raising. Tax dollars are not used for rewards.

Rewards, determined by the Board of Directors of 88-CRIME, Inc., are offered for 88-CRIME tips that lead to the arrest and / or indictment of persons who have committed felonies or other covered offenses.

Help Us Solve Crimes!

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by calling the 88-CRIME
tip line at (520) 882-7463, downloading P3TIPS mobile app or clicking the button to fill out a simple form.

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